3 essential tips when renting a car in Morocco Marrakech

Traveling by plane is without a doubt very rewarding and relaxing, allowing us to economize time and money, but in order to enjoy fully your holidays renting a car is a must, why? it simply gives you mobility and freedom to go wherever and whenever you want, and avoid the public transportations that can be sometimes in bad conditions, late and full of people.

Car rental is often a very practical solution for those who come to spend holidays in Morocco, it is also something easy to do. However, you must be very careful to some local agencies with very poor services quality.

No one can deny that we have all the fear of having to pay supplement fees at the time of the return of the rental car, to pay a supplement for a scratch we didn’t see on the body or the rims, or because of the absence of few liters of fuel in the tank or even extra fees as a restitution with a few minutes late on the schedule of the car. without forgetting about the scenario that can be very atrocious if ever the car is hilly during the rental.

For these reasons, and even more, we represent you some tips that can be indispensable to avoid disappointment, and that will help you to prepare perfectly your stay and rental in Morocco in order to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Tip Number 1: Compare prices and get the best rental price via the Internet

No one can deny that the price of car rental varies depending on many factors such as the vehicle model, where you will pick it up and when, high or low season, and your needs, like GPS, baby seat, number of drivers…etc. Of course the more you book in advance the less you will pay, but why not going directly through a car rental price comparison and allow yourself to find the best deals. And if you want to avoid all this why not go directly to an agency known for its best deals like Jacaranda Car.

Tip Number 2: Choose well your type of vehicle

The needs are diverse and can change from a person to another one depending on what they want to do with their holidays in Morocco, for this reason, you need to choose the model that will be the most suitable for your stay. If you are planning to stay in a specific city why then rent a 4×4 it will only be a waste of money and energy, you will also find difficulties parking and driving. Based on what you are willing to do with your holiday you can choose whether you want a compact car which can be very useful in cities, an economical car, a family car or a luxury car.

Tip Number 3: Check the condition of the vehicle

The condition of the vehicle is also an important element when renting, you don’t need to have a brand new car, renting a relatively old car is a benefit in terme that you avoid later having to search the slightest scratch when returning the vehicle. Some agencies such as Jacaranda Car offer unlimited mileage, which is something great, but if you are with another agency and this is not the case, then remember to indicate the current mileage on your contract. Don’t forget also the check if the car you rent is with a tank full or empty.

Enjoy the best deals on luxury cars, book your next rental with us.



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