5 tips for your car rental at Marrakech airport

Want to roam the roads freely upon landing in your destination? And if you rented a car directly after the descent of the plane? Experienced travelers and license holders: here we reveal our 5 tips for renting a car at the airport.

1. Make sure you are legally allowed to rent a vehicle at the airport

First, condition number 1 is to have a valid national driver’s license or a mandatory international license for certain destinations such as Australia or the Philippines for example. Also, young drivers, who are also the main hirers of passenger vehicles, are not all allowed to rent a car and must follow the conditions set up by the renter.

Please note that the minimum legal age for driving a rental car is 18 years, but the majority of renters rent only from the age of 21 in europe, but fortunately in morocco it is sufficient that you are licensed and you can rent any car without any complications. Find out about the terms and conditions of rental information available at the airport

2. Require a copy of the registration card when picking up the vehicle from the reantal agency.

As part of a short-term lease, the car rental company owns the vehicle. She is therefore the holder of the registration certificate which contains the name and address of the tenant company.

No information about the renter of the car will appear on the registration card, but that does not mean that you can test your driving skills without limit! The rental agency obviously takes his precautions: in case of speeding, driving while intoxicated, forced passage to a customs, attempted stunts or failed skids will be charged a high price (ticket + fees) !

In case of police control, and to avoid any disagreements with the authorities, we recommend that you circulate with the copy of the registration card.

3. Do not rent at the last moment and always check with an interlocutor!

It is a bad habit of travelers to rent a car at the last moment. In case of a trip on a whim, difficult to do otherwise, but be aware that it is 48 hours from the taking of the vehicle that prices are generally at the highest. One word of order to save: anticipate! You can still try your luck a few hours before your arrival and find any last minute promotions.

Compare, but always check with an interlocutor or by mail!

When you have consulted the offers for your rental car, do not hesitate to check the best offers with a contact person by calling or writing an email. Indeed, by clearly expressing your needs or your questions to an interlocutor, he can guide you and help you to find the offers that best suit you. Traveling in Europe by rental car and transit in various countries (from France or not) may seem simple, but it is not really as soon as you leave the area of ​​the European Union governed which has the advantage of to be governed by the same conditions. Agreements vary by rental agency, but international agencies guarantee all the most advantageous commitments.

As a concrete comparison to confirm the relevance of an offer on the internet, go through a local travel agency to get a quote with the same assurances as those proposed.

4.Define your need to choose the ideal vehicle

At each stay his type of car. The choice of a rental car requires a good consideration of the needs upstream: what use will you make the rental vehicle? Will you spend the weekend inside the city or go on a road trip to Three valleys? What is the state of the roads of your destination? Answering these questions will assure you the choice of the most suitable vehicle.

Be careful, exceeding mileage can blow up the budget! Determine well in advance the number of kilometers you travel during your stay and verify that this corresponds to the mileage authorized by the rental agency, unless it offers unlimited mileage. Finally, it is sometimes wise to invest a few extra euros to rent a vehicle of the higher category likely to consume less fuel while offering more comfort.

5.Respect the rules of the road, remember to refuel and make the car clean!

This last tip will not reduce rental fees as such, but you will avoid any bad surprises.

In fact, each year, travelers are charged a charge on their credit card.

When you receive a statement of offense with a rented car and you fail to pay it,the costs are first borne by the renter. Afterwards, the latter will charge them directly to your credit card, in addition to including a very generous administration fee.

Respect speed limits and other special features of the Highway Code, and pay close attention to parking signs in major cities.

Once your stay ended, unfortunately, remains to return the vehicle to the lessor. Some renters offer to refuel for you when rendering, but it is not the most economical solution. If the service is not taken into account, refuel at the risk of seeing the price doubling upon receipt of the vehicle!

If the interior and / or exterior of the vehicle is very dirty, take the time to clean it. Beware of cigarettes! Few renters allow smoking in rental cars. So check the rental conditions at the risk of having to pay a cleaning fee of up to 90 €!


During your holidays in Morocco specifically in Marrakech, if you have planned to visit other places than cities, you will probably rent a car. With all the offers that exist, brokers, low cost renters, classic renters, we do not know which to choose and when we choose, it is likely to get scammed!

Some renters use unimaginable tricks to increase the price after booking. In the next article, I will show you how I proceed to avoid scams  and pay the right price.

Find the best rental prices on luxury, economy, and family rental cars Marrakech Airport, reserve online today with us!



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