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what comes to your mind when we talk about Marrakech ? is it the authentic lifestyle? traditions and culture? handcrafts and original products? tasty food and unique wonderful pastries? Marrakech is without any doubt one of the destinations that you have to visit whether for a day, a week or even more, you will never get bored while in Marrakech, you will be able to admire the city’s typical architecture through its wonderful buildings and palaces, without forgetting to enjoy the historical monuments and to stroll through its streets, discovering Marrakech and also Morocco’s history by visiting its museums. A car rental Marrakech will make your stay better.  

Don’t hesitate to experience the typical charm of Marrakech and its surroundings with car rental, and explore the different wonderful sights, historical sites, and landscapes, all this thanks to the mobility car rental affords you.

While in Marrakech you can also indulge and enjoy shopping in the countless Marrakech’s shops that vary from international brands to local stores selling crafts and local products with your car rental Marrakech.

 In every time of the year and whatever the season is, you will fully enjoy the city, thanks to its different water pools and attractions during summer as with the multitude of activities during winter, for your stay in Marrakech choose Jacaranda Car for your car rental Marrakech, what are you waiting for ! book your car rental Marrakech now !

 thanks to its several years of experience Jacaranda Car became a renowned car rental agency. with our car rental agency you will be able to choose from a wide range of vehicle categories, and as a result you will be sure to find the car rental vehicle that meets your needs, whether in solo, with family or friends, there is more to choose and there is absolutely a car rental for you.

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Geographical and historical pieces of information about Marrakech:

 The geographical location of Marrakech is just ideal and perfect, why? it represents a privileged crossroad for access to the Atlas mountains, the desert, and the Atlantic ocean, we can even say that the tourist attraction of this city is enhanced by the possibility of Making Marrakech a relying and crossing point, while in Marrakech the sea is 150 km, the access then to the Atlantic ocean is fast and easy, the road to Essaouira, former Mogador and the closest coastal city to Marrakech, is of a very good quality and it only takes 2 hours to get there with a car rental Marrakech. moreover reaching the mountain by car rental takes about 1h30 to go to Ourika and 2h30 to go to Oukaimeden the main ski resort in Morocco located 3200 m above sea level. When it comes to desert, you have to take the road to Ouarzazate which can be extremely tortuous road and sometimes even dangerous, but with a good quality car rental there is nothing to fear, it takes approximatively 4 to 5 hours driving, why not go further to Zagora where you can see the first sand dunes, all you need to have is a good quality car rental to take the adventure.

Marrakech is a city that was born in 1062 and influenced by the Almoravides which is something we can notice by the existence of the Medersas, Koranic schools, and mosques. Marrakech will grow behind its ramparts around the religious and cultural activity articulating a trade center and many palaces.

Moreover, in hunting the Almoravids, Almohads destroyed the majority of buildings often of religious inspiration in order to rebuild them in a specific way, we owe them, in particular, the famous Koutoubia. From Saadian sultans to Alawite sultans to the French protectorate, Marrakech was perfectly built and affirmed, which we can notice through the testimonies of the past which are numerous and of great wealth. while in Marrakech we can notice that the cultural mixing over the centuries has left its mark on both buildings and men which is something attracting tourists from all over the world to come here today.

Enjoy fully your stay in Marrakech and book now your car rental with Jacaranda Car a car rental agency in Marrakech, don’t hesitate, and make your stay unforgettable.

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