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car rental marrakech
car rental marrakech
car rental marrakech
car rental marrakech
car rental marrakech
car rental marrakech

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Why hire a car in Morocco Marrakech:  

The main reasons that motivate people to hire a car, in general, are vacations and business travels, where you need to find a car next to you and to have a flexibility and a mobility. Traveling by train or plane is without a doubt a great thing to do when you are with friends or family, and to push the quality of your stay further renting a car is a great way to have fun without worrying about a long road trip or repairing a vehicle. Actually, people do not rent a car only on their trips, there are other reasons such as weddings, birthdays and special occasions.


Compact cars offer great gas mileage and the ease of driving and parking in high traffic areas.


Find a great low price on a car that’s comfortable for the whole family with JacarandaCar.


JacarandaCar offers a considerable choice of economy cars for your holidays in Morocco.


You deserve no less than a fantastic holiday. Make your getaway special with a luxury car.

The advantages of car rental in Morocco Marrakech:

The advantages of car rental in Marrakech are numerous, first of all, you don’t have to bring your own car with you and then you can economies important amounts of money. While renting a car you will be sure to have a recent and clean car, so the risks of breaking down with car rental are truly reduced.

Car hire in Marrakech gives you the chance to be free to go wherever you want and whenever you want, without worrying about the timetable of the public transport, and especially you can stop where you want and enjoy fully the beautiful landscapes that the region offers.

The beauty of Marrakech is not limited to the city only, however, the surroundings of this city offer a superb view which invades the spirit and allows you to enjoy an incomparable landscapes beauty.

Book a cheap car rental in Marrakech city !

While talking about Marrakech, we think automatically of authenticity and history merged with modernity which gives us a unique city with positive vibes everywhere, without forgetting all the historical palaces and buildings showing us the greatness of the past dynasties and monarchies. Marrakech is ranked among the most visited cities in the world.

Whether you visit it during summer, winter, for 3 days or a month, you can not get bored thanks to the amount of leisure and fun this city is hiding, you can without a doubt admire the typical architecture of the historical building all over the city, stroll through its old streets and indulge shopping in its countless traditional bazaars offering original pieces.

whether you are alone, with friends or family, in winter or summer, car rental in Marrakech will without a doubt make you enjoy your stay more. Compare and choose Jacaranda Car for your car hire in Marrakech, what are you waiting for? book now !

Thanks to our wide range of vehicles on your service, you will be able to rent the car that meets your exact needs, there is always more to choose, even if you are looking for a luxurious car for your rides in gueliz district.

Hire a car now in Marrakech with Jacaranda Car !

Jacaranda car is a car rental agency located in Marrakech, we provide our customers with a range of all kinds of cars in order to satisfy them, we guarantee unique professionalism and good quality.

Whether you are looking for a cheap car rental, or a luxurious car rental, or 4×4 car rental for your wild excursions… at Jacaranda Car you will find all kind of vehicles so you can choose the one that responds to your exact needs, and then spend the best stay in the Moroccan Kingdom.

Make your trip to Marrakech more enjoyable and book car rental marrakech airport, you prefer to travel by plane ? it’s ok, there is car rental in airport where you will find your car waiting for you to ride it and live the adventure.

Our team will not hesitate assisting you throughout your stay with all kinds of hospitality and professionalism.

rent car morocco

The best excursions with my rental car in Marrakech Morocco:

No one can deny that Marrakech is an incredible city where activities abound. but it will be a shame if you go to Marrakech without visiting its surroundings full of stunning landscapes.


Ourika valley:

Located only 30km south of the city, the Ourika valley is a large expanse of lush greenery and ocher earth, full of Berber villages and crossed by a wadi.

thanks to car hire in Marrakech you will have the ability to admire its landscapes, and visit the traditional villages where you will be able to discover the simple yet original life of Berbers, discover also the different aromatic gardens.


Only about 80 km from Marrakech in the High Atlas, Oukaimeden represents the highest ski resort in Africa. why not rent a car in Marrakech, and enjoy discovering this beautiful landscape?


Lalla Takerkoust dam :

Apart from being just a dam, this place holds a legend. Before it’s impoundment there was a marabout and a mosque of Lalla Takerkoust a holy woman recognized by her goodness and power, people used to come to pray and make offerings. Nowadays Lalla Takerkoust dam is a wonderful place where you find wonderful restaurants with stunning views, car hire in Marrakech will without a doubt allow you to discover this area perfectly.


Ouzoud waterfalls:

Located nearly 150 km from Marrakech, Ouzoud waterfalls are wonderful, a walk between the olive trees inhabited by monkeys welcoming you in their own way, takes you to the foot of the cliff which is 100 meters above sea level where the view is stunning, especially in sunny days, when you can see rainbow thanks to the drops of waters meeting the sunlight.

Let’s give you an idea about circulation in Morocco:

The quality of Moroccan roads can vary considerably from a region to another one, the rural roads are often in bad conditions, so if you are planning to take regional or secondary roads don’t hesitate to rent a 4×4. Driving in Marrakech is also not something easy to do, you must be vigilant and try to adopt a very flexible behavior, so just keep calm if Marrakchi drivers try to do random things on the roads, especially on the roundabout.

On the other hand, you will meet a lot of motorcycles and scooters and even carriages and horses, so you will need to be extra vigilant if you want to rent a car in Marrakech.

It is also better to avoid driving at night, most of the obstacles on the road will be invisible and there is mountain roads that do not have guardrails.

It is usually scary and intimidating to adapt to Moroccan roads, you might be nervous during your first car hire and day driving in Morocco, but you will without a doubt adapt quickly, take it as an adventure, driving a car in Morocco is something fun to do, you will not feel bored at all.

Ps : Speed limits :

  • 60 km / h in urbanized areas.
  • 100 km / h on the national roads.
  • 120 km / h on the motorways.

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