Tips for finding a car rental with the best prices

Reserve your vehicle as soon as possible

If there is a rule of thumb in terms of car rental (this advice is just as valid for booking a plane ticket or a hotel room), it is generally easier to get a great deal when you book early.

Indeed, fares vary potentially every day, depending on supply and demand. Concretely, the more potential customers, the more the prices will go up. This is what will happen if you decide in June to book a vehicle for your summer vacation. Especially since the number of vehicles available is not unlimited. If you arrive too late, you may have to deal with a shortage.

However, it is not always possible to organize a trip in advance. The ideal compromise therefore is to look into the subject at the moment when your dates of stay are blocked.

Do not stop at the lowest prices

If you do a quick search on the internet, you will quickly realize that there is a significant gap between the cheapest rates and the others. Certainly, these low cost offers are attractive at first glance. However, prices that are too interesting, given the average market rates, necessarily hide something.

To prevent the final invoice from being too salty, make sure you read all the details of these offers. Because these elements can quickly have a great importance …

Select your options carefully

In the same way as young driver fees, the various options offered by car rental companies can easily double the bill. The latter are indeed free to define these additional services and to set the rates.

It will be essential to dive into the general conditions of sale to find the ins and outs of each option and get the cheapest rental. Before you start, think about exactly what services you will need during your stay.

For example, it is advisable to return the car with the fuel tank full, to avoid having to pay the lessor double what you would have cost a stop at the gas station.

Similarly, are you sure you need a GPS? Your smartphone will probably do the trick with mobile apps like Google Maps or Waze.

The same goes for unlimited mileage. Most renters limit your trips to 250 kilometers per day, divided according to your needs over the entire duration of the lease. Of course, every kilometer more will be the subject of a salted invoice. If you plan to exceed this quota, opt instead for unlimited mileage, which will bring you serenity and tranquility.

Lastly, some airlines offer free transport for children’s car seats. And if this is not the case, do not hesitate to compare the price of transport with that of rental agency.

Is it necessary to take out insurance?

This is a big question which, again, strongly influences the final score. First, check with your bank if your credit card entitles you to protection. This is usually the case with a Gold or Visa Premier card.

Then everything depends on your state of mind and your destination. In the case of the United States, it is strongly recommended to make sure that the repayment ceilings are low.

Three options are usually offered, from the most accessible to the most expensive:

• You cover all or part of the amount of the deductible.

• You cover all or part of the amount of the deductible, then you make a refund.

• You have nothing to move forward in case of an incident.

Stay at the agency desk

Even if you have declined all the additional services of the renter when booking online, be certain that the agency will give a layer on your arrival at the counter.

The best way to avoid tight traps is to prepare properly. Feel free to take some notes when making your reservation, and especially to compare the renters. Do not venture to book a cheap vehicle in an agency with uncertain ratings and negative comments.

On the contrary, prefer renters who have proven themselves to past consumers before you. They are the best witnesses of an experience, positive or not, with a professional.

By thwarting these few pitfalls, it will now be easier for you to rent a vehicle with peace of mind, and if you are planning to visit morocco just book your car with us in advance, and enjoy your stay in morocco.



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