General conditions
Car use
  • Use of the car The tenant alone is required to drive the Marrakech rental vehicle, for which he guarantees and must only use it for his personal needs.
  • The agency strictly prohibits the lessee from participating in any competition and from using the vehicle for illicit purposes or for transporting goods.
  • The tenant must agree not to request customs documents.
  • The lessee is prohibited from overloading the hired vehicle by carrying a number of passengers greater than that indicated on the contract under penalty of forfeiture of the insurance.
Car condition and liability
  • The vehicle is delivered in very good working order and cleanliness and the tenant will have to pay the amount of repair.
  • Thus he remains solely responsible for the fines, contravention and reports drawn up against him.
  • JACARANDA vehicles for car rental are insured against all risks, of course the vehicle, theft, ice cream, drivers and passengers.
Reservation & delivery
  • Book with JACARANDA online and benefit from our daily promotions.
  • JACARANDA CAR ensures the delivery of vehicles to the airport , hotel and JACARANDA agency free of charge 7/7 and 24/24.
  • Tany additional information in relation to the reservation would be communicated to the tenant after the reservation
  • Reservations confirmed online but paid on site: No charge will be made for cancellation of a reservation that has been confirmed on line by email or by tel, you can cancel your reservation at any time up to 72 hours before the check-out time free of charge. Cancellation must be made directly with our sales agents (by phone or e-mail).